This Is My City festival is an annual event that celebrates the commonwealth community of Birmingham through food, sport and music.

The second city is a minority majority and the success of the migrant community and the evolution of their cultures into a British society has moulded the city to what it is today. The festival began in 2019 with the pre Knock Down Games a celebration of the key themes of commonwealth culture at Alexander Stadium one day prior to construction for the B2022 games. In 2020 due to the pandemic we migrated the festival to a digital platform in which was a great success as our first ever This Is My City Digital festival.

This year at the 2021 TIMC fest has a combination of both digital and physical celebrations on the weekend of the 12th of June partnering up with the This Is My Opinion panel discussions and the 1st ever Global Black health Matters Summit on the 13th of June, a programme backed by the Michelle Obama Foundation.

Also, on Saturday 26th of June we will join forces with Edgbaston Foundation to reclaim the commonwealth through cricket and a commonwealth inspired festival.

Remember …..This Is My City, Your City, Our City and we are inviting the world to come and taste what we have to offer.

This is My City Festival 2021 © This Is My City Birmingham

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