Four different cultural regions (Europe, Asia , Caribbean & Africa), explored over two days through food, music and sports and packed with an exciting itinerary that you can enjoy with us.


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The Schedule

26 June

This Is My City festival 2021 in conjunction with the Edgbaston Foundation is hosting a commonwealth inspired celebration as part of the T20 Vitality Blast of Birmingham Bears vs Durham. This is a ticketed event with an opportunity to enjoy live entertainment, food and try out some fun sports to embrace the electric atmosphere of the T20 showdown.


12 June

A series of live debates on topics that affect us all hosted by the Birmingham Commonwealth Association with debates around the food agenda to what Birmingham our city means to us.

13 June

The 1st ever global black health matters summit hosted as part of the This Is My City 2021 Birmingham festival. Expert advice and discussions on health related topics that affect us all but in particular the global Black community.


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