Founded in 2012, Black Health Matters (BHM) is a leading provider of digital health and wellness news and solutions for people of African descent. Our mission is to educate members of the African diaspora about health issues and news that directly impact their community in order to empower them on their journey to better health outcomes. Our team, which is based in the U.S., provides a high level of knowledge and expertise in marketing, communications and public relations as it relates to the healthcare sector and its intersection with this underserved community.

We do this by delivering personalized content experiences that draw from key aspects of the Black experience. These include highly-engaged educational programs and experiential events (i.e. Town Hall Meetings, Health Fairs and Non-CME Workshops) that are accessed through multiple digital touchpoints including desktop, mobile, tablet, video, social media and more.
We also produce our signature Black Health Matters Summits 2-4 times per year in partnership with top physicians, nurses, health advocates and healthcare companies. Featuring a full-day of interactive sessions held virtually, these informative events focus on health/chronic conditions that specifically impact the Black community the most and are open to all (general public, patients, caregivers and health advocates).
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