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This Is My City festival is an annual event that celebrates the commonwealth community of Birmingham through food, sport, and music. This Is My City, Your City, Our City and we are inviting the world to come, taste, and join in to what we have to offer!
The second city is a minority majority and the success of the migrant community and the evolution of their cultures into a British society has moulded the city to what it is today. The festival began in 2019 with the pre Knock Down Games a celebration of the key themes of commonwealth culture at Alexander Stadium one day prior to construction for the B2022 games. In 2020 due to the pandemic we migrated the festival to a digital platform in which was a great success as our first ever This Is My City Digital festival. This was followed up in 2021 TIMC fest has a combination of both a digital and the 1st ever Global Black health Matters Summit, a programme backed by the Michelle Obama Foundation. This year we are celebrating the recovery of Birmingham and the forthcoming Commonwealth Games 2022, with an action packed Commonwealth inspired sports festival, food and taster activities and then finish with a spectacular premiere of the film documentary Queens of the Commonwealth.

Remember...This Is My City, Your City, Our City!

Day One [9th July]

There will be food outlets, sports activation zones, competitive sports zones and a festival village of arts and crafts, food, entertainment and family activities.

Day Two [10th July]

A series of live videos, music, and live debates on topics that affect us all and our community, also to what Birmingham…our city means to us.

Queens of the Commonwealth

This ticketed black-tie event is the long-awaited premiere and the release of a strong documentary. Following the journey of 22 migrant Queens from the Commonwealth to Birmingham.



Music & Culture

9th July


Rebbecca Hemmings Presenter

Rebbecca Hemmings is a stage host and former tv/radio presenter, whose entertainment career spans over 20 years.
Having hosted for a range of audiences for The Royal Shakespeare Company, Big Centre TV’s The Wassifa Caribbean Show, the 0121 Jamaican Independence Festival – Birmingham, Brit Writers Awards – London and countless Black History Month launches, Rebbecca is no stranger to the stage and screen.
Celebrity and high-profile interviewees include Grammy award winning Kirk Franklin, presenter June Sarpong, Maxi Priest, footballer Tony Daley, Chaka Demus and Pliers, Gyptian, Freddie McGregor, politicians Jess Phillips MP and many more. Past co-presenters include sports broadcaster Tom Ross and DJ Apache Indian.
Rebbecca is the founder of the Time to Glow Up brand (set up to help empower women following her breast cancer experience) and Director of diversity training company Strawberry Words.


Cree Amory-Reid in Birmingham (26/08/2003) of both Caribbean and African heritage, CreezOn is a musical artist; rapper, lyricist, singer and producer. CreezOn delivers soul shaking music with deep, conceptual subject matter. CreezOn’s content, flow variation, soul touching melodies and consistent recognisable idiosyncratic deliveries put him heads and shoulders above other artists not just at his age, but in the UK Rap scene and beyond. He brings lyricism, melodies and meaningful delivery to his tracks that resonate with various audiences. “I describe myself as an infinite artist, as creativity is infinite. Creativity and infinity are the same thing. I’m not boxed by genre”. … There’s No Laws To Infinity.. My artistry can’t be boxed.

Lekky’s music fuses R&B, Indie and Hip Hop, telling stories through a melodic rap songwriter style. Lekky’s diverse sound and the ability to merge genres together sets her apart from the melting pot of artists in the UK. Lekky is fiercely independent and brings a compelling energy to her music Lekky has been supported by BBC Radio, BBC radio 1XTRA national and local radio stations. She has supported the likes of Floacist on her first UK tour. Some of her performance highlights are A3C festival, Atlanta. New Skool Rules, Rotterdam Edinburgh fridge Festival.



Family & Kids Zone:


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